söndag, februari 16, 2014

Cheesy omelette with tomato and basil

Today is the day! I´m stepping out from my comfort zone and start to write this blog in English. Why you ask? Because she wants to =) So, if you see any wrong spelling or anything else that is wrong with my English grammar, please let me know in the comment field. Okey, hey ho let´s go! I will start with a really simple but delish recipe. I eat this omelette for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Fast food at its best.

Ingredients for 2
4 organic eggs
0,5 dl heavy cream
pinch of salt and pepper
2 cherry tomatoes
1 tbsp finely chopped leek
2 tbsp cream cheese
50-100 g cheese
1 tsp basil
1-2 tbsp organic butter

1. Preheat the oven to 225 Celsius degrees.
2. Whisk the eggs and cream together with salt and pepper.
3. Melt the butter in medium heat and add the omelette mixture into the oven safe frying pan.
4. While the eggs are firm on the bottom, but still slightly runny on top add leek, tomatoes, cream cheese, cheese and basil on the top.
5. Now it´s time to put the whole frying pan into the oven and bake it for about 10-15 minutes or til the top is set and looks yummy.

So what do you say? Is my first post in English okey or not? Should I go back to Swedish right away ;)

To my Swedish readers:
Om ni har några frågor om detta recept eller önskemål om att jag även ska skriva mina recept på svenska även fortsättningsvis så hojta till i så fall.

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2 kommentarer:

  1. Wow, great job! I wish I had the energy to go back to blogging at all. Even in Swedish...

    Did find a spelling error though. First line, second sentence. You've written wright instead of write. Oh, and blog is with just one 'g' in English. Maybe a little picky, but English and Swedish should have upper case first letter.

    Oh, and the omelette looks just delicious! If my youngest girl did eat warm tomatoes, I's made this for lunch tomorrow. Sadly, she has decided she DOES NOT eat warm tomatoes. I hope she'll outgrow it.

    Cheers! /Trollmamma

    1. Omg corrected now! Thank you so much Trollmamma =)
      I think I´m in love with you now!